Why Camp Lejeune Victims Need an Attorney for Compensation

by Laura Schaefer   ·  2 years ago  

Did someone tell you that you don’t need a lawyer to receive compensation for toxic water exposure at Camp Lejeune? Then you may find the information below extremely helpful. Those who tell you to “just file through the VA for free” aren’t offering the best advice. The VA isn’t paying cash to settle these new claims from Camp Lejeune victims. Instead, you must file a claim in federal court to receive your share of this money. What’s more, you need to file your case before the deadline passes in less than two years.

Here are four additional reasons why Camp Lejeune victims need to work with a personal injury lawyer to receive compensation:

  1. The government isn’t automatically issuing compensation payments to everyone was exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. Neither is the VA. Camp Lejeune victims must file a claim in federal court through an attorney to get this payment.
  • Families of Camp Lejeune victims who passed away many years ago due to water exposure can receive compensatory payments from the federal government. However, you cannot receive a settlement unless a lawyer files that claim on your loved one’s behalf.
  • Camp Lejeune victims now receiving VA benefits for health problems associated with toxic water exposure are still eligible for additional compensation. Only an attorney can file the necessary claim so you can secure that extra money from the federal government.
  • The VA cannot help civilians and children who were exposed to the toxic water at Camp Lejeune. However, Camp Lejeune victims who never served in the military are still eligible for compensation. You must with an attorney to file the correct claim in order to receive your cash settlement.

Working with a Lawyer Improves Your Outcome

A recent study published online by Cambridge University Press shows that those who represent themselves without the help of an attorney (“pro se” plaintiffs) do far worse in terms of winning their cases than those who have a lawyer:

“We find that win rates in cases where plaintiffs are represented by counsel are approximately 300 percent greater than those for cases involving pro se plaintiffs. Indeed, in every case category, win rates are lower among cases involving pro se plaintiffs relative to pro se defendants or where all parties are represented by counsel.”

In addition to lower rates of judgments in their favor, plaintiffs who go to court without the aid of an attorney also receive lower payments when they do win their cases. To receive the appropriate compensation amount for your suffering, always work with a personal injury attorney. This data is so striking that we believe it bears repeating:

IMPORTANT: You’re 3x more likely to win and receive nearly 2x as much money with an attorney vs. without.

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Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer Increases Your Compensation

There are many reasons to contact a lawyer for help with your Camp Lejeune toxic water claim. First, personal injury lawyers are experts in determining how much money your claim may be worth. Most Camp Lejeune victims fail to account for several factors when they ask for compensation. For example, they may not consider future medical expenses. Or know how to calculate costs for things like missing wages and lost quality of life. Injury lawyers know what conditions can arise after exposure to Camp Lejeune’s poisoned water. For this reason, attorneys can help you and other Camp Lejeune victims better assess the true amount owed.

Next, a personal injury lawyer can dramatically improve your odds of winning a large settlement. That’s because they know all the rules and legislation that may apply to your unique case. Finally, a personal injury lawyer does not collect any fees unless you receive compensation. So, you don’t need to worry about paying any upfront costs out of your own pocket.

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Connect with a Lawyer in Your Area Accepting Cases from Camp Lejeune Victims

Don’t wait: All Camp Lejeune victims must file their cases within two years. Need help finding a good personal injury lawyer in your area? We can match you with one today for a free, no-obligation claim review. All you have to do is fill out this quick Camp Lejeune claim evaluation form online.

Not sure if this is the right lawyer to handle your potential case? When you speak with a lawyer interested in helping Camp Lejeune victims, ask the following questions:

  1. How many cases like mine have you personally worked on? What were the outcomes? 
  2. What evidence best proves my case? (At minimum, you’ll need convincing proof you lived or worked at Camp Lejeune prior to January 1, 1988.)
  3. How long does it typically take to resolve claims like mine?
  4. When can I expect to receive payment from the federal government if my claim is successful? 
  5. What’s your standard fee agreement? (Since PI attorneys work on contingency, it’s typically a percentage of your settlement award. Be sure to ask what that percentage is, and how or when you may owe any other fees.)

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